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We need an experienced paralegal to assist with our fast-paced Large-Loss Property Subrogation practice. The ideal candidate must be highly organized, detail-oriented and able to balance multiple tasks simultaneously. Candidate will be expected to have substantial capacity to juggle a large caseload, as well as comprehend complex subject matter. Among other duties, the candidate will be expected to handle the following:

• Prepare correspondence and legal documents (includes notice letters, pleadings, motions, discovery requests/responses, subpoenas, and releases, as well as settlement- and court-conference summaries and pre-trial memoranda).
• Perform investigative inquiries and background research, as well as ensure preservation of loss scenes and physical evidence, coordinate expert assignments and schedule scene inspections/evidence exams.
• Manage trial preparation: marshal exhibits, pleadings, subpoenas, witnesses, etc.
• Interview expert as to findings and opinions, and confer with attorneys re: same.
• Drafting status updates for clients.